Terms & Conditions


ExportTradingNetwork.com, on behalf of a Canadian corporation  6047351 Canada Inc., 625 Present Kennedy Ave., Suite 310, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3A 1K2 (“ExportTradingNetwork.com”);


The company who registers at ExportTradingNetwork.com (“Member”), collectively “The Parties”.

WHEREAS ExportTradingNetwork owns and operates a network of 191 trading portal websites providing a platform of trading data specifically designed for businesses participating in international trade.

WHEREAS Member operates a business and wishes to enter into this Membership Agreement (“the Agreement”) with ExportTradingNetwork to register and be included at the ExportTradingNetwork.

THEREFORE, the Parties agree as follows:


1.1 Free Membership - There is no charge for companies that register as a Free Member at the ExportTradingNetwork.com.

1.2 Pearl Members hereby accepts to register as a Pearl Member and pay the Membership Fee  indicated at ExportTradingNetwork.com. The membership fee is payable to ExportTradingNetwork.com by credit card or PayPal using our payment gateway provider Paypal.

1.3 The Pearl Membership shall become effective at the date Member payment has been confirmed and the ExportTradingNetwork.com has validated your registration application.

1.4 Pearl Membership may be renewed upon payment by Pearl Member of the Renewal Fee on or before the expiry date of Membership. If payment of the Renewal Fee has not been received by the expiry date, ExportTradingNetwork.com may delete all of Member's information from ExportTradingNetwork.com.  Any increase in the Annual Renewal Fee will be notified to Member. If Member does not agree with the increased Membership Fee, Member simply does not renew its membership.

1.5 Refund Policy - ExportTradingNetwork.com does not offer refunds on membership fees.


2.1 The objective of the site is to operate as a facilitator for companies to find new trading partners internationally and as such seeks to disseminate as much information as possible regarding potential business partners amongst its traders (“The Service”). We may choose to change, enhance, limit, or suspend the features and functionalities of the Service at ExportChina.com or ExportTradingNetwork.com without notice and such modified Service will be governed by the terms of this Membership Agreement.

2.2 As part of the Service, upon payment of the Membership Fee, all information contained in the registration form and additional information entered in the edit and update area will be posted at ExportTradingNetwork.com (“Public Information”) subject to section 2.4. All Public Information will be available for viewing throughout ExportTradingNetwork.com at the country portals where Member has indicated that it wants to be seen.

2.3 We will issue Member a Member ID and a Password (which Member chooses during registration) which will enable Member to access the Service through its account.

2.4 Member’s e-mail address and Member ID and Password are private (“Private Information”) and will be kept confidential by ExportTradingNetwork.com. Visitors to ExportTradingNetwork.com who are interested in sending Member an inquiry will do so by completing an online form. The contents of this online form including the visitor’s contact details will be forwarded by us to Member by e-mail. The visiting company will not have access to Member’s e-mail address.

2.5 The Service may be used by multiple users concurrently as long as they are within Member’s corporate entity and located at the same company site.


3.1 Member is responsible to complete the registration process and such completion will signify Member’s acceptance of these terms and Member’s commitment to abide by them. We may change these terms at any time by posting new terms and Member’s continued use of the Service constitutes Member’s acceptance of the updated terms. Member authorizes us to contact Member by email regarding the Service and any changes to it.

3.2 Member represents and warrants to us that Member:
  • has provided accurate, current and complete identification information and that no false identification has been provided; that Member is 18 years of age or over; that Member has obtained all necessary consents both internal and third party, to post Member’s information; and that Member is a reputable business in good standing in Member’s country of residence;
  • will use the edit and update function to maintain and keep all of Member’s information up-to-date and accurate;
  • will keep Member’s Membership ID and Password confidential and not share it with anybody outside of Member’s corporate entity and location. Member shall notify us of any breach of this provision and any unauthorized use of Member’s Membership ID or Password;
  • the products and services Member trades in are legal and do not infringe any local laws or international treaties and do not infringe any third party’s confidentiality rights, copyright, patent, trademark or other intellectual property rights;
  • will not post any defamatory, libelous, obscene, discriminatory or offensive material on Member’s or our site;
  • will not engage in any conduct which might harm the reputation, network, or ongoing operation of the ExportTradingNetwork or other members including spamming or fraudulent activities;
  • will not copy or reproduce any of the information contained at the site in an attempt to replicate ExportTradingNetwork.com or any of our individual trading portals or present itself as ExportTradingNetwork.com;
  • is responsible for the content of Member’s information and postings and we are not required to monitor or edit them; and
  • will not post or use any fraudulent information or make fraudulent offers or conduct transactions involving stolen, counterfeit or fraudulent items, or otherwise be involved in illegal activities or any conduct that violates any applicable law or creates any liability for ExportTradingNetwork.com.
3.3 Member hereby grants to the ExportTradingNetwork.com a global, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual (for so long as Member is taking the Service) license to enable us to use, copy, disseminate, sub-license, transmit, republish, publicly display, and re-compile the information that Member provide to us, subject to sections 2.2 and 2.4.


  The ExportTradingNetwork.com is a facilitator for companies to find new trading partners internationally and not an import-export house. We do not represent the exporter or importer in any transaction. The contact Service is provided for the benefit of traders, however the ExportTradingNetwork.com does not control the quality, reliability or validity of the company information provided by Members, the goods and services traded, or the identity of Members and is not a broker or agent for either party to a transaction. Traders are solely responsible for the costs and liability associated with transactions that they conclude as a result of contacts made at the ExportTradingNetwork.com including non-performance and disputes. Members are solely responsible for their content and updating and editing their information.


  The ExportTradingNetwork.com is the owner of the ExportTradingNetwork.com site, URLs, trading portals, graphics, logos and its proprietary content and the trademarks ExportTradingNetwork, ExportTradingNetwork.com, and all trading portals that are designated as Export(country).com. These intellectual property rights are registered trademarks or service marks protected, or in the process of being protected, under various legislations around the world.  The unauthorized use, copying, modification, appropriation or publication of the above is prohibited.


6.1 The Company Profile information contained at ExportTradingNetwork.com is user generated hence it is provided on an “as is where is” basis and may or may not be accurate, complete, up-to-date, or non-infringing.. The ExportTradingNetwork.com does not warrant that the information and Service are free from defect or fit for any particular purpose including merchantability, title, non-infringement, nor free from computer viruses, worms, Trojan horse etc., nor does it include any implied warranties such as those arising from a course of dealing or performance.

6.2 There is no warranty that the operation of the ExportTradingNetwork.com will be error-free or un-interrupted. ExportTradingNetwork.com shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to provide the Service resulting directly or indirectly from an event beyond its reasonable control such as an Act of God or an event of Force Majeure, including without limitation Internet failures; telecommunications services, power supplies, equipment or computer failures; labor shortages or disputes or civil disturbances; or government or court actions.

6.3 The ExportTradingNetwork.com is not liable for any loss, damages, or injury of any nature whatsoever associated with the Service, the operation of the site, the information at the site, traders’ information, or liability that may be incurred by traders or businesses accessing the site, including without limitation direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, or special damages whether caused by contract, tort, negligence, or any other theory of law and even if advised of the possibility of such damages in advance, to the maximum extent allowed by law.

6.4 In the event that local legislation overrides this exclusion of liability, the ExportTradingNetwork.com’s liability shall be limited to the amount paid by Member as a Membership Fee or Annual Renewal Fee in the last 12 months prior to the alleged damage.

6.5 Member agrees to waive any cause of action Member might have against the ExportTradingNetwork.com and to save harmless and indemnify the ExportTradingNetwork.com from all losses, damages, claims or liability associated with Member’s use of the ExportTradingNetwork.com site or any ExportTradingNetwork.com trading portal, the information that Member posts at the site, Member’s transactions, conduct or misconduct, acts or omissions, or claims of other traders at the ExportTradingNetwork.com against Member or us, Member’s breach of this Agreement, and Member’s alleged violation of any third party rights including intellectual property rights.


7.1 If we breach our obligation under this Agreement and do not post Member’s profile (unless we choose to not post it because we determine in our sole discretion that the information is not fit to be posted or violates any legal obligation or third party rights) then upon notification to us that we have not posted Member’s profile, and subject to section 6.2, Member will be entitled to a refund of its Membership Fee.

7.2 Any breach of this Membership Agreement by Member entitles us to terminate the Service to Member and remove Member’s Company Profile or any offending information at our sole discretion without any compensation to Member. We may chose to advise Member of its breach of this Agreement and give Member a ten day cure period to remedy Member’s default. We also reserve the right in any situation to immediately remove any material that we consider defamatory, offensive, unlawful, likely to cause liability for us, or that otherwise violates this Agreement at our sole discretion.


8.1 This Agreement as amended from time to time is the entire agreement between Member and the ExportTradingNetwork.com and supercedes all prior and future agreements whether oral or written unless incorporated into this Agreement.

8.2 If ExportTradingNetwork.com chooses to not enforce any of its obligations under this Agreement, this does not mean it waives its right to enforce its rights in the future.

8.3 This Agreement, the relationship between the parties, and any disputes, shall be governed by the laws of Canada and Quebec as applicable. Any disputes shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the Quebec Civil Code.

8.4 The ExportTradingNetwork.com and registered companies are independent contractors and nothing herein creates a relationship of agency, employment, representation, joint-venture or partnership.